Theatre (and Theater) Basics


The students will display their understanding of theatre history and application by taking a quiz and presenting their Shakespearean monologue.



Materials Needed

see lesson



Lesson Directions

Anticipatory Set/Hook
The students will participate in a free-write about the different performance activities we have done thus far in the unit. They will choose 2 of their favorite performance experiences and write what and why. Then they will write what they are still not clear on in terms of theatre history and hand these papers into the teacher.




Instruction: We have covered the history of theatre in some depth over the past few weeks, we have had the opportunity to perform in various aspects of the theatre and now it is time for us to really apply what we have learned in a formal quiz and through performing your monologue.




Using the student responses from the anticipatory set, the instructor will clarify the terms and/or practices that the students are still not quite clear on. She will highlight important terms and prepare them for the quiz.



Checking for Understanding:

The students will now complete the theatre history Quiz, included in the previous lesson.




Now, before we move completely from theatre history into acting today, we need to take a look at what we as actors can learn from it.



Guided Practice:

You have all had adequate time to work on your Shakespeare monologues. You should be memorized and ready to pass it off for the class. Now even though we haven’t spent a lot of time on acting techniques thus far in the class, we need to remember the scansion we worked on with each monologue. We know what each monologue is saying in terms of today, we have discussed what the character wants and why. Now it is time to put these methods into practice in your presentation of the monologues.



Independent Practice:

The instructor will then call upon the students to perform their monologues in front of the class.




Closure and Assessment: The students will be graded on the quiz, their class participation and memorization of their Shakespeare monologue. The instructor will give encouragement as the situation necessitates.