Choosing a Monologue


Students will choose a monologue to be performed as part of the final assessment of the unit.



Materials Needed

Play scripts, monologue books, monologues, etc. for the students to read through and choose from.
Mad-Lib Monologue Form



Lesson Directions

Anticipatory Set/Hook
Hook: Pass out the Mad-Lib Monologue form and have each of the students fill in the blanks. Then have the students perform their monologues for the class.




Instruction: Explain to the students that today they need to find and begin to memorize a short 1-1 ½ minute monologue that we will be working next class, and that they will eventually be performing at the end of the unit. Explain that the monologue can be dramatic or comedic, whichever they like and that you will be available to help them in choosing.

Allow them the remainder of the class period to choose and begin memorizing their monologues.

**If the students seem to be getting unfocused, pause and play an improv game, and then let them go back to their monologues.



Taken from Neil Simon’s play Chapter Two

“You know what you want better than me (guys name)____________. I don’t know what you expect to find out there, except a (size)_________audience for your (number)_______shows a day of suffering. I know I’m not as (attribute)__________as you. There’s one thing I do know. I know I can (verb)__________. I know I can stand here watching you try to (verb)_____________everything I’ve ever wanted in my life, wanting to smash your (body part)__________with my (body part)___________ because you won’t make the slightest effort to opt for (emotion)__________and still know that I (term of affection)______________you. I’ll tell you something…I’m (adjective)__________! I’m (treat with protein)__________about me. And if you’re (adjective)__________enough to throw someone as (adjective)____________like me aside, then you don’t deserve as good as you got! And, don’t you tell me what I want, because I’ll tell you what I want. I want a (noun)__________and I want a (noun)____________and I want a (noun)_____________too! And I want a (animal)_______and I want (#)___________(animals)______________!
I want everything!!!!!”