Performing Poems


Students will demonstrate their understanding of vocal characteristics used when speaking on stage by performing a poem.


Materials Needed

Poem Vocal Performance Evaluation Sheets


Lesson Directions


Anticipatory Set/Hook

Conduct a warm-up with the students. It could be any vocal warm-up previously taught them or a completely new one you have discovered. Ideas: the Hokey Pokey; Big Bigger, Biggest; Energy Ball; Whiz Bong.



Transition – Collect the completed Poem Analysis Sheets, and their marked up poems. Give the students a short time to review their poems aloud individually.


Performance – Have the students perform their poems, using your guidelines and properly introducing the poem with performer’s name, poem title, and poet. While they are performing you can take notes on a simple evaluation sheet. You could also just jot down a few notes on the back of their Poem Vocal Sheets instead.


Instruction- Once everyone has finished their poem performances. Go up to the front of the class and talk to them about things they did well and things that you are excited to see progress in the final project of the Unit.


Transition- If there is time start talking about their final project. Hand out the final project assignment that describes the Puppet Show. Have a student read aloud each section of the assignment so that everyone understands what is going on. Ask if the students have any questions. Tell them they can pick their own groups as long as they will be able to work and stay focused. Remind the students they will perform their shows before the term ends so they only have a few class periods to work on it.



Students can be assessed on their Poem Vocal Sheets and poem performance.