Hairy Beasties


 Students will demonstrate an ability to design and apply prosthetic hair by creating a design and applying it to themselves.



Gauze or other netting material

  • Crepe Hair
  • Spirit gum
  • Makeup Morgues
  • Makeup Design Sheet (see Lesson 1 Supplements)



Have an assortment of crepe hair ready to go, and instruct each student to come and find a handful that is closest to their hair color out of these options.  Then make the familiar trek to the makeup room with their writing utensils and the kit.




o   Sometimes a person’s hair can tell much about that person, so a good designer never overlooks hair possibilities for a character.

o   Allow the students to look at different hair styles from the makeup morgues.

o   Hold up a picture or two and discuss what you can tell about this person from the hairstyle.

o   Eyebrows  can be extended, thickened, or shaped in creative ways.

o   Stubble can be applied by covering an area in spirit gum and rolling short pieces of crepe hair over it or by cutting longer pieces after they are attached.

o   Mustaches should be separated into layers and attached and trimmed one layer at a time.

o   Beards  should be done a specific order, going from the center point of the chin and expanding outward.

o   Extending Hairlines and changing the outline of a person’s natural hairstyle can be done easily with crepe hair instead of wigs.

o   Discuss some of the things that the students could do with crepe hair and what techniques should be used.

  • Guided Practice/Checking

o   Have the students quickly design a character on another design sheet and go through the individual steps to create a hair style that they could use crepe to create that says something about the character.

o   Observe the students as they apply their design to themselves.



Using the different examples throughout the room, discuss what the style says about different characters.  Ask if the students can identify things about the characters in the room.  Also ask about the step by step process that some people went through to apply their hair design.  Clean up, collect the worksheets, and dismiss the class.



Participation proficiency is 8/10 and design proficiency is 20/25.



(see Lesson 1)