Fantastic Faces


Students will show an ability to create fantasy makeup by creating a step by step design and applying it to themselves.



Enough makeup for each student

  • Copies of Makeup Design Sheet for each student (see Lesson 1 Supplements)
  • Facial cleanser and towels for each student
  • Makeup Morgue
  • Enough brushes and sponges for each student
  • Makeup room key
  • Mirror or a volunteer for demonstration



On the board, have a list of different types of stylized makeup:

  • Animals

o   Lions

o   Tigers

o   Bears

o   Etc

  • Traditional

o   Japanese Noh

o   Clowns

o   Mimes

o   War Paint

o   Etc

  • Mythical Figures

o   Ogres

o   Elves

o   Demons

o   Fantasy creatures

o   Fantasy characters

o   Etc.

  • Horror

o   Monsters

o   Etc

Discuss how these different types of characters are often created on stage through makeup.  Have the students get out their fantasy designs and go into the makeup room.



Instruction/Guided Practice/Checking

o   Have the students follow their designs step by step.

o   Rotating through the students one at a time, see how well they follow their designs, how they feel about the design, and make sure each design is both a unique design and that it is revealing of the character.  Make sure that they are making thoughtful choices in regard to their designs.  If the design seems to be atypical or copied from a production, encourage the student to make alterations to the design that will make it his or her own unique work.

o   Discuss as a group some of the different thing we see in the different designs.

o   Students who finish early can work on creating and implementing new designs.



Clean up.  Collect the design sheets from everyone.  Let the students know that next time will be their makeup final.  For their final, they will need a second draft or new fantasy character design that includes at least one of the following:

  • Crepe Hair
  • Gore
  • Latex
  • Putty
  • Wax
  • Gelatin

Their instructions should be done well enough for anyone to follow.  They will not be doing their own design but someone else’s, so each step should be specific enough for others to understand.  Half of the final is the design, and the other half is the application portion.  Good luck.  Pass out new design sheets.  Dismiss the class.



Participation proficiency is 8/10 and design proficiency is 20/25.



(see Lesson 1)