A Little Mood Music


Students will demonstrate their understanding of the importance of music and the different emotions it evokes by creating a silent film.


Materials Needed

T.V./VCR, video clip, video camera, 3 diverse music selections, copies of grading rubric (see supplements).


Related Documents

• Silent Film Rubric  3.SilentFilmGradingRubric


Lesson Directions

Anticipatory Set/Hook
Show the students a short movie clip on silent three times, each time with a different, varied musical selection behind it. After each clip the students will discuss what they thought was happening. Note: use a movie clip that they may not be familiar with or the music won’t effect their perception of what is happening in the clip.



Step 1: The class will discuss why the story lines were so different and how the music affected their perception of what was happening in the clip. Ask them how each clip made them feel. What did music add to the clip and what does it add to theatre/film in general? Talk about how the incorporation of music helps to tell a story.


Step 2: Divide the students into small groups and ask them to create a short silent movie using one of the three musical selections as their background. They can base their storyline on something so simple as their first/worst date, their morning, weirdest dream they’ve ever had etc. The movies should border more on short scenes than full length silent movies for the sake of time. Give them plenty of time to work but make sure to leave enough time to watch the movies at the end of class. Give each group a copy of the rubric as a guide.


Step 3: Roam around and film each movie, adding assistance where needed.


Step 4: At the end of the allotted time, have the class watch each other’s movies and discuss how each group used the music and what they thought was effective etc.