Bridging the Gap; Music and Theatre Come Together


Students will demonstrate their understanding of how to act a song by performing their chosen song as a monologue.


Materials Needed

T.V./VCR, Les Miserables movie starring Liam Nisam, Les Miserables musical soundtrack, copies of handout “Anatomy of a Song”


Related Documents

• Song Anatomy Handout  5.AnatomyofaSong


Lesson Directions

Anticipatory Set/Hook
Show the class the scene from Les Miserables (movie) where Cosette and Marius first profess their love. Then play them “A Heart Full of Love” from the soundtrack.



Step 1: Discuss what was different between the two scenes. Which one was easier to understand? Which one was more engaging? Did they both further the plot? What did the movie clip do that the musical clip didn’t? What did the music add to the scene beyond what the movie did? Explain that if a song isn’t acted well, it can detract from the plot rather than help to further it.


Step 2: Pass out the Anatomy of a Song handout and discuss it and point out that all of these things should be in their mind as they perform a song (See supplements).


Step 3: Have the students work by themselves to create a short paragraph that will help to develop their character as well as answer the questions on the sheet and motivate their song. They should also include basic information like name, what is the context of the song in the show etc.


Step 4: After they are done, have them get with a partner and discuss what they’ve discovered about their character and give each other suggestions how they could make their decisions stronger.


Step 5: Have the class come together and give each student a chance to perform their song as a monologue making sure not to follow the meter of the song but rather speak it as though they were just talking, grouping thoughts together. Give feedback as well as have the students give feedback to one another.