Makeup Final


Students will demonstrate their ability to design and implement makeup for stage productions by coming prepared with a design for a character from a show and applying someone else’s design to themselves.



Enough makeup for each student

  • Facial cleanser and towels for each student
  • Enough brushes and sponges for each student
  • Makeup room key
  • Final Grade Sheet for each student (see Supplements)



Have the students get out their designs and go right to the makeup room.



Collect the design sheets from each student.

  • Mix them up, and hand them back.  Make sure nobody gets their own back.
  • Let them begin the practical portion of their final.
  • Discuss each with the class after students finish.

o   Allow the students to critique each other’s work in the design and application portions.

  • Students who finish early can get cleaned up or practice another design.



Clean up EVERYTHING.  Review the unit as a whole.  Collect the designs.  Dismiss the class.



Participation is 8/10, Design final 40/50, and Practical 40/50 for proficiency


Makeup Lesson 8.Final Grade Sheet