Destination Broadway


The students will demonstrate their overall understanding of musical theatre by participating in a Broadway Revue


Materials Needed

T.V./VCR, video of class dance, programs, pianist.


Lesson Directions

Anticipatory Set/Hook
As the students enter the class they are handed a program for the Revue (program should be a loose order so that the students have a choice as to when they perform) The class is set up like a theatre with whatever embellishments the teacher wishes to make to make it feel more like a theatre.



Step 1: Discuss with the students the various “layovers” that they made in order to get them here to Broadway. What did they learn in the various “layovers”?


Step 2: Step into your role as master of ceremonies and welcome them to the show. Each of the students will then have a chance to get up and perform their musical theatre piece. If there is a student who despite their efforts over the past few weeks and their seeking help from you, cannot sing a tune and would be incredibly embarrassed trying in front of the class, allow them to do their song as a monologue with either accompaniment behind them or alone. Make sure to emphasize that they will be graded more on effort and connection to the piece than actual vocal quality.


Step 3: After they’ve all performed, turn on the video of the class dance for the students to watch.


Step 4: Discuss with the students what they’ve learned through studying Musical Theatre. How is it different from straight theatre? How is it similar? What do they like/dislike about it? Has their appreciation for musical theatre grown over the unit?



Author’s Notes

A final evaluation rubric was not created for this lesson plan…it can be created by the individual teacher when can then include the elements that he/she has stressed throughout the unit.