Set Construction Quiz and Conclusion


Students will complete any unfinished construction projects. They will demonstrate their understanding of basic construction tools (practical) and safety(written) in a quiz.



Materials Needed

Have the quizzes ready to be taken towards the end of class (the last 45 minutes).



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Lesson Directions

Anticipatory Set/Hook
Even more flat construction! Before beginning, do a quick review of safety rules, wood, and tools by having each student put a label on their back (without seeing what it is) and by asking each other yes or no question to figure out what they are.




if in doubt-don’t do it!
no horseplay!
follow instructions on product
keep tidy-allow time for clean up
first aid stuff location, know where it is.
tool safety-if you don’t know how to use it, don’t use it!
personal protection (goggles, dust masks, clothing, ventilation, gloves)
Measuring and Marking Tools
Cutting and Shaping Tools
Fastening Tools
Gripping Tools
Particle board
Medieval pageant wagons
French perspective painting
Melodrama spectacle sets
Greek skene




GUIDED PRACTICE: Help the students finish the construction of their flats. If they are finished, or finish early, have them work on other current set needs, study for their quiz, or help other students. Make sure they clean up their area once they are finished.


The practical quiz will be on tools. Present each student with a group of 5-6 tools and record the names and uses of each of the tools in their group.
The written quiz will be on safety rules. Have them turn in both quizzes at the end of class.




Students can be assessed through their finished project and the completion of the oral and written quizzes