Rules Reviewed


Students will interpret and apply the 8 guidelines of improv by creating a 2 minute skit and game that demonstrates the guidelines given.


Lesson Directions


Anticipatory Set/Hook

(2 minutes): Explain to the students their assignment, which is the following (you may want to write these requirements on the board):
#1 Create a 2-3 minute skit demonstrating your principle.
#2 Choose a game that will help us practice your principle, or create an original game.
#3 Explain your principle to the class, and perform your skits, and lead the class in your improv game.



Step 1 (2 minutes): Place the students in four different groups, assign them a DO and a DON’T in which they will use to complete their assignment.
· Group 1:
o DO – Listen
o DON’T – Force funniness


· Group 2:
o DO – Forward the action
o DON’T – Denial


· Group 3:
o DO – 100% commitment
o DON’T – Worry about making mistakes


· Group 4:
o DO – Support your team members
o DON’T – Tell rather than show


Step 2 (20 minutes): Explain to the students that they have 20 minutes to prepare their presentations and to prepare their game. Circle the room guiding the students in their ideas. Be available for questions and provide possible ideas or directions.


Step 3 (55 minutes): Have group 1 begin the presentations. Be sure that you leave time for everyone to present- this might mean you only play the games once or twice.


Step 4 (5 minutes): At the end of class, Review the eight guidelines for improv and explain that next class will be their final performances in which the two teams established at the beginning of the unit will be competing against one another.



Students will present their guidelines to the class through a skit and a game.