Forum Theatre Workshop Creation


Students will demonstrate their understanding of the flow of a workshop by creating their own workshop from beginning to end and writing out notes they will need to lead the workshop tomorrow.



Materials Needed:



*Contact cooperating teacher and let him/her know what time to come to the class. You will most likely need the entire period.




Use the other topic-focused game that can be used in the workshop to prepare spect-actors to warm up students.




Step One—DISCUSSION: Ask students if they were leading this warm-up, what kind of questions could they ask their spect-actors after playing the game to help prepare them for the topics that would be presented? Have one student record the questions.


Step Two—DIRECTIONS: Students will use the information agreed upon the pervious class period (Oppressor, Oppressed, and Oppression) to write a script with a clear beginning, middle, and end. The piece must be between two and four minutes. Give students 15 minutes to create the script. If they don’t need that much time, move on to rehearsal.


Step Three—DISCUSSION: Divide the entire workshop into segments. Introduction (introducing forum theatre), warm-up, machines, sculpting, forum theatre. Each segment needs two jokers (students will team-teach these) so ask for volunteers for each one. Students can double-up, but try to spread the responsibilities as evenly as possible.


Step Four—INSTRUCTION: Tell each partnership to divide up responsibilities. For instance, one student could be in charge of giving instructions for the activity, and the other student could be responsible for asking the questions afterwards and making the transition.


Step Five—PARTNER PRACTICE: Give students the duration of the time to work on their segment of the workshop. It is essential that you walk throughout the class to answer questions and assess the instructions and questions they are writing for their segment. They are to write down all notes they will need.




Gather everyone together ten minutes before the class is up. Have jokers for the forum theatre piece try their hand. The rest of the class will participate. This will give the actors a chance to rehearse, and the jokers a chance to practice with participants. Discuss what worked well and what did not. Each partnership is to get together between now and the next class period to practice their segment.