Closing Discussion


Students will assess what they gained and learned in this unit by completing the Reflection Worksheet and discussing their observations with their peers.




Cookies, or some sort of celebratory sweet.




Have students bring their completed Reflection Worksheets, have a seat in the circle, and enjoy a cookie or two.




Step One—DISCUSSION: Begin by asking for general reflection of this unit. Did students enjoy it? Why or why not? Then go through the questions on the Reflection Worksheets one by one, and have students share what they wrote down. Discuss each answer.


Step Two—INDEPENDENT PRACTICE: Give students a chance to reflect on the topic you’ve chosen. Give them ten minutes to write what they’ve learned and how they’ve changed in the way they view this topic. Have them record what they will do differently to help in stopping the oppression they’ve chosen to explore in this unit. Bring them back together and once again, have them share.




Ask students to think of one kind of oppression that they observe in their live that is disconcerting to them. It can be at a large political or community level, or even within their own homes. Ask them to think of the ways this oppression could be addressed with forum theatre. Have them turn to the person next to them to share their ideas.