Students will demonstrate an understanding of how to create costumes by selecting a fairy tale, and making “costumes” out of newspaper for that story.


Materials Needed

Fairy Tale, Newspaper (a whole newspaper for each group), Scissors and tape. Colored construction paper. Costume Design Template


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Lesson Directions

Anticipatory Set/Hook

Read the class a fairytale. As you read ask them to draw one character, deciding what they think the character looks like and what they are wearing. Provide colored pencils for the students to fill in their drawings with.



Transition: Have students volunteer to show their drawings to the class and explain why they chose the particular clothes and colors and styles.


Instruction: Ask the students what they think a costume designer is? (make a list of their answers) What do they do? Aren’t they costume designers? They decide what is appropriate to wear that day based on weather or the day’s activities. Explain the duties of a costume designer. Ask students to list what they think would be important for a costume designer to know about the show. (style, time period, size/shape of actors, color schemes, lighting, set, movement requirements etc.)


Modeling: You may want to show them actual costume drawings. (Into the woods would be ideal, as it may be related to the fairytale you read). These may be your own or ones from costuming books. What kinds of details do they include?


Guided Practice: Instruct students to get into groups of 3 or 4. Choose a fairytale. Choose 2 characters to costume. As groups they should make drawings of their costume designs. They should include details such as color, style, time period, and the names of the characters and a short explanation of why they made those particular decisions. Pass out 2 costume templates to each group and once they have made their decisions have them fill in each element on the forms you pass out.


Independent Practice: Have them pass off their drawings with you and then give each group newspaper and scissors and tape. Instruct the to create what they drew on their papers as best as they can using the newspaper. They may also use colored construction paper to show what color the costumes should be. They should use two members in their group as models for their costumes.


Modeling: You may want to demonstrate this process of creating a newspaper costume for the class first using a volunteer.


Closure: have each group model their costumes for the class and give an explanation for each of their choices.



Costume creations, drawings, participation