Moliere and his plays

Learning Objective

Students will be able to demonstrate understanding of plays influenced by Commedia Dell’ Arte by reading a section of Tartuffe and completing a comprehensive worksheet.



Materials Needed

Copies of a cut section from Tartuffe, character map.




Welcome the students. Today we are going to look at a play that came out of the Commedia Dell’ Arte Movement. Ask the class, think back to the first day we started talking about Commedia Dell’ Arte what playwright was influenced by this type of work? (Moliere)



Step One- Instruction

Read a short bio on Moliere.



Step Two- Transition

We are going to look at one of his play today.  Pass out a section from Tartuffe. Ask for volunteers to read certain parts. Have them come up to the front of the class—bringing their chair.  Sit in a semi circle in front of the class. You (the teacher) read the stage direction.



Step Three- Instruction

Ask for a student to read a brief synopsis of Tartuffe. If anyone has any questions or wants something clarified raise your hand and we can discuss.



Step Four- Practice

Read the cut section of Tartuffe.



Step Six- Discussion

What did you enjoy about this play? What Commedia Dell’ Arte influences did you see in it? How would you design the set for Tartuffe? What would a characters costume look like?



Step Seven- Instruction

We are going to perform scenes from Tartuffe as our ending hazzah to this unit.  Pass out the assignments to the class.  You can pick which actor plays who. Come to class next time with a picture of how this characters mask would look. We are making masks so bring a shirt that you don’t mind getting dirty, makeup remover.—Half the class is getting molds of masks done and the other half will go on Thursday. With the remainder of the time if any let them read through their scenes are start brainstorming ideas of blocking and characterization.




Students will demonstrate knowledge of Commedia Dell’ Arte influences in a text by reading the script together as a class.




Cut section from Tartuffe, Tartuffe Character Map, and Scene assignments