Students will perform their pantomimes and analyze the performances of their peers by recording one moment in each pantomime that they enjoyed, and one area of assessment each pantomime can work on.


Materials Needed:

Pantomime Preview worksheets (attached) enough copies for each student.  Lesson 6.Pantomime Preview Worksheet

Extra copies of preview rubrics (from previous lesson) for students who will…inevitably forget them.

The sign-up list they filled out yesterday.


*This might take longer than one day—make adjustments accordingly.



Follow-the-leader! Have the class form two lines each with a leader. Explain that each line can use the entire space. Whoever is in front of the line can move however the want and everyone behind has to copy the leader’s movement exactly. They can run, leap, skip, twirl, crawl, summersault, whatever they want! The leader leads for about 15, 20 seconds and then when you yell “switch!” the leader runs to the back and lets someone else lead. Turn some energetic music on and let them go!



Step One—DIRECTIONS: Hand out Pantomime Preview worksheets (one to each student) and tell them they’ll need to bring those along with their rubrics and a writing implement to the stage for previews. Tell students they have 10 minutes to use as they please. Ask, “What would be an intelligent way to spend this time?” Warm up/run anything they need to run/make any last minute changes.


Step Two—INDEPENDENT PRACTICE: Allow students 10 minutes, during this time, set up a performance space. After ten minutes ask everyone to come to the space with all of the necessary items.


Step Three—DIRECTIONS: Ask students to list some components of acceptable audience behavior. Explain to them how to fill out the Pantomime Preview worksheets. Read off the order and ask the first group to get set up!


Step Four—PERFORMANCES: Have each group go up, introduce themselves and their piece, and perform. Take notes using the rubric and be sure to time each piece. At the end of each performance, announce the time to the students.



Collect all Pantomime Preview worksheets. Ask the students to consider the performances of the class as a whole. What strengths did they have as a whole? What were some common weaknesses? You can offer your own insights as well. Tell students you will assess their performances and return your notes as well as select notes from their peers to them the next day.