Creating a Design Concept


Students will be able to articulate their design concept through a written work. Students will be given the opportunity to meet and discuss their ideas and concepts of design for their particular scene with other members of the class. From their reading, analysis, and research, they will create a conceptual design statement for their project.


Materials Needed

A picture of a Nazi concentration camp, an excerpt of music from the movie Schindler’s List, and a dried up flower. A visual of a set design. An apple.


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Lesson Directions

Anticipatory Set/Hook

Show the picture and the flower while playing a portion of the music for the class.

Modeling – Describe a design concept of The Diary of Anne Frank that includes loneliness, betrayal, and lost hope. Ask the students to describe how those words and images will affect the scenic design.



Step 1: Instruction – Explain that all the concepts we’ve learned up to this point will help the students as they decide how they want to portray the mood and spirit of the play through their scenic design. Ask students to describe another concept that might be used to describe the mood and feeling of The Diary of Anne Frank. Explain that students are not limited to one idea, but that they may choose the feel of their scene based on how they want their audiences to understand the play. Write their ideas on the board.


Step 2: Checking for Understanding – Display a visual of a set design. Ask students to name some objects, words, or types of music that may have been the inspiration for that particular design. Again, write their ideas on the board.


Step 3: Instruction – Place a generic object, such as an apple, in front of the class. Have them begin to write how that apple might be a design statement for their particular scene.


Step 4: Checking for Understanding – Have at least one student from each scene share their statement with the class.


Step 5: Guided Practice – Have students begin to work on their written statements for their own design concept.



On the following day, students will turn in a half page written statement accompanying a picture, object, or audio representation of their design concept for their assigned scene.