Problems? Working it Out


Students will be able to recognize problems or difficulties in the design process and use appropriate modes of communication with their peers to help solve those problems.


Materials Needed

student work materials


Lesson Directions

Anticipatory Set/Hook

Allow students time to discuss their projects and any subsequent problems they are experiencing. Students will be given time to assist each other in overcoming those problems and will be able to continue working on their production models.



With all of their research, analysis, concepts, sketches, and renderings students will be partnered with another classmate. The students will explain their concepts to each other and how they are articulating that concept through their design. Each student will be asked to offer their partner three suggestions to help the design become clearer as well as three compliments on things the student has done well or achieved in their design. 


Students will be given the rest of the class to continue working on their functional models.


As students work on their models, the teacher will visit with each student and discuss their project and any concerns or questions they might have.



Again, students will be graded on their attendance on “on task” effort. Students will turn in their peer’s comments regarding their projects with their final presentation.