Students will demonstrate proficiency in pantomime by performing their polished and improved scenes to their peers.


Materials Needed:

Extra Rubrics for final assessment…just in case…
“Programs” for students with the order of performances, names of performers and their pieces.
*Note—this might take more than one day. Plan accordingly.



Hand out programs to students as they enter the classroom and ask them to please be seated in the audience.



Step One—DIRECTIONS: Welcome students to the final performances of their pantomime pieces. The performances will proceed as outlined in their programs. Everyone will have five minutes to warm up on their own, and then we will begin with the first performance, while the next partnership waits backstage “on deck”—or waiting backstage. Following the first performance, the second group will set up for their scene while the third group is “on deck”.


Step Two—PERFORMANCES: Keep the audience behavior under control, and keep moving one performance to the next. Make certain to time each performance—if you need help from a timer, arrange beforehand.



Be sure to leave some time at the end of the performances for a discussion. Have students sit near a partner to share one thing they learned or improved upon about performance in this unit. Ask students to share their answers, and conduct a brief discussion. What did you learn? Why is an understanding of pantomime important to performance? How will what you learned help you in future performances?