Final Choice of Musical Scene, Solo, Duet, Ensemble, etc.


Students will choose their final choice of their musical performance (and know if they are doing a solo, duet, trio, or ensemble) by turning in the Musical Theatre Performance Checklist.


Materials Needed

Various musical theatre scripts and music for the students to choose from, copies of the handout Musical Theatre Performance Checklist, a prepared musical performance by live people or from a DVD with the necessary things such as a piano, or CD player, or DVD player and television.


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Lesson Directions

Anticipatory Set/Hook

This can be done by actual people or a clip from a DVD.  Show a musical performance that has all the required aspects from the Musical Theatre Grading Sheet.  This means a leadinta, song, body movements, etc.



Transition:  Explain to the students that they just saw a model of what their final performance needs to include.  Point out the leadinta, song, body movements, and so forth.  Tell the students it is time for them to make their final choice today and the teacher will roam the room to assist them in any way.  Remind them that they should pick a musical performance that fits their voice type.


Directions:  The teacher will pass out the Musical Theatre Checklist handout and instruct the students that they must have the teacher approve their performance choice and check off that they completed their Musical Theatre Checklist handout.  It should also be recommended that props and costumes can help the students get into character but it is not required.


Modeling:  Show the students a form filled out and explain the points it is worth for that day.


Guided, Group, and Independent Practice:  This will depend if students choose to work alone or in groups, and the teacher will rove around the students to assist them in any way to make their final choice of their musical performance.



Have the students gather together after the teacher has approved their musical performance piece and Musical Theatre Checklist handout.  Have the students share what they choose and why if there is time.  Reassure the students that they will have time to work on their scenes in class, but they are responsible to bring their music and such to work with.



The student’s assessment will be their filled out handout and they will receive points for completing this task in class.