Practice Makes Perfect


Students will demonstrate and understanding of the importance of “perfect” practice by giving a perfect dress rehearsal preview of their performance.


Materials Needed

 Piano, CD player, glasses, and clipboard, copies of Musical Theatre Grade Sheet.


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Lesson Directions

Anticipatory Set/Hook

The teacher role plays the New York director again and calls the students to attention to explain their dress rehearsal.  The director is excited at their progress and reassures them she is only here to help them polish their acts by perfect practice.  She explains perfect practice is the actor focusing on the task at all times, doing their best, and following directions so they look their best on stage.  She gives any other tips but lets the teacher come back to help.



Transition:  The teacher goes back into the teaching mode and explains to the students that they will go to the stage to practice.  The teacher explains that everyone will have a turn to perform on stage, but while they are waiting they should practice in other areas of the auditorium.  The teacher will also give each performance act a number and they must come when called.


Modeling and Directions:  The teacher will model what is expected of the students.   The teacher models how each act should present themselves, how to use their body and voice, and what they will be graded on.   She will call out a number and have that performer come on stage, ask them to ask her when they can start the performance, the performer must state their name, title of the play, title of the song, character names, perform, listen to direction to improve the performance, leave when dismissed, and then the teacher calls the next numbered performance, and so forth.


Guided Practice and Independent Practice:  The teacher will work with each performance to help them improve their act.  If there is time it would be nice for the students to practice what they learned from the teacher, and then do it again. While students are waiting for their turn they should be doing independent practice.  



After the last act is previewed the teacher gathers all the students.  At this time the teacher explains that next class period the students will be performing and to again bring everything they will need.  They will have a CD player and piano to use, but they may not practice in class.  They are expected to perform and be a great audience next time they come in. Answer any questions if any at this time too.



The teacher will use the Musical Theatre Grade Sheet to assess the students dress rehearsal, and give them tips to improve their performance.


Author’s Notes

It should be noted that the word “perfect” in this sense means that the students will take this dress rehearsal seriously, and do it to the best of their ability as if it was an actual performance.