Musical Theatre Performance


Students will demonstrate an understanding of doing a musical theatre performance by performing their musical act in class.


Materials Needed

Copies of the Musical Theatre Grade Sheet, piano, CD player, top hat with names of the acts in it, glasses


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Lesson Directions

Anticipatory Set/Hook

New York Director comes in all dressed up to announce the show and to thank the Mountain View Students for filling in last minute to give us an amazing Broadway Musical Review.  She reaches into a top hat and pulls out the first act to perform.



Transition:  The director is done and the teacher comes back to grade the students.


Directions:  The teacher reminds the students of the grading sheet she is using and that they have a copy of it too so they know how they will be graded. 


Modeling:  The teacher models how each act should present themselves, how to use their body and voice, and what they will be graded on.


Discussion:  After each act the students have a chance to discuss the process and finished product of the act.



The director comes back and again thanks everyone for their tremendous job and talented acts, and invites them to perform anytime for her on Broadway.  



Please see the attached sheet for the grading criteria for this performance.