So, You Want a Job in Theatre?


Students will demonstrate a knowledge, understanding, and appreciation for all the roles/jobs in theatre by creating and performing an infomercial, and writing a short response.


Materials Needed

Index cards with the following theatre positions written down: Director, Actor, Costumes/Make-up, Dramaturge, Stage Manager, Techie, Designer (if role has not previously been taught/reviewed, have a brief list of responsibilities on the back of the card); video camera; equipment to watch recorded footage


Lesson Directions

Anticipatory Set/Hook

Take the students somewhere other than the classroom (outside, on the stage, etc.)  Show them a few clips of some interesting infomercials, then take out your video camera and tell them that today they are going to be making their very own infomercials, and that their goal is to get the most people in the class to want to “become” their product.



Step 1:

Divide the class into 7 Groups.  (Let them pick groups if appropriate.)


Step 2:

Once they are in their groups, go around to each group and give them their card.  Tell them that they need to at least go over each job listed on the back of the card within their infomercial, but that they can add more if they think of other things they feel are important to each position.  Explain that when they are ready, you will film their infomercial for them.  They are free to use any space they want, within your given parameters, and that they can use any prop pieces, costumes, etc, that are available.


Step 3:   

Once they are ready to film, film them.  If they get any information wrong, use it as instructional time to correct them, and then let them re-film that piece.


Step 4:

Go back to the classroom and have them gather around the TV/Projector to watch the infomercials.  Tell them to pay attention to their favorite parts about each job, and be ready to vote for which infomercial convinced them the most.


Step 5:

After all the infomercials have been watched, have the students write down all the jobs and their favorite part of each one.  Then have them write a paragraph about which job they would like to have, and why.  Make sure they include in their paragraph the responsibilities of that job and why they like them.


Step 6:

Have students meet with their fairytale groups to finalize their projects. Remind them that next week,  they will be presenting and turning in their written work.


(If Supplementary Activity was used from Lesson 5, make sure the drama cubes are turned in today)