Work Day

Educational Objective:

Students will be able to demonstrate their abilities to create cohesive stories, characters, settings in a collaborative group by rehearsing their created stories.



Materials Needed:

• The story sheets from each group that you collected last time




Allow the students to play “Bibbity Bibbity Bop” as a class.




Inform the students that just as everyone’s participation is what makes “Bibbity Bibbity Bop” a fun, successful game, everyone’s participation in their creation of a long-form improvisation is necessary to create a cohesive and successful performance. Participation in rehearsal is also necessary; if they do not walk through their stories, it is almost guaranteed that something will go wrong in the performance that will result in the story not quite making sense of not being balanced. Each person must know his or her role and how to best fulfill that role.


Step 1 (Instruction): Ask the students to get into their groups in the same places they were last time. Hand back the story sheets to the appropriate groups. Instruct them to finish their sheets and then work on rehearsal when finished. Advise the students to practice in a proscenium style, as they will be performing on the stage. If they feel that someone is capable of being a facilitator that it may be beneficial, as they have a limited amount of rehearsal time.


Step 2 (Group Practice)/Assessment: The rest of the period will be used by the groups to finish their stories and to rehearse. Go around to each group and help them as necessary and monitor their collaboration. Remind students that each person must have an equal role to play, and remind them that they will be evaluated by their peers.


NOTE: If you feel that there needs to be another work day when the end of the period comes, allow that to happen.