Long-Form Performance Day

Educational Objective:

Students will be able to demonstrate their abilities to create cohesive stories, characters, settings in a collaborative group by performing a long-form story of improvisation in groups.



Materials Needed:

• Stage on which the groups will perform
• Grade sheet for each group performing
• Group evaluation form for each student
• Stopwatch/timer




Play “Bibbity Bibbity Bop” as a warm-up in order to get the students energized and ready to perform.



Step 1 (Group Practice): Allow the groups to get together and do a “speed through” of their production to rehearse–advise them that they only have four minutes to do this.


Step 2 (Instruction): Take a field trip (with students’ belongings) to the stage! Once there, hand out the group evaluation forms to each student. Let them know that they will be due the next day at the beginning of the period and are worth 10 points for completion. Remind students that you will be looking for clear characters and story (through CROW principle) and that the production has a balance in performers’ roles.




Each group will perform its long-form production on the stage.




• Grade sheet (NOTE: each bullet point is worth two points except for the time limit)  Lesson 7.Long Form Improv Grading Sheet
• Group evaluation form  Lesson 7.Long Form Improv Group Evaluation Sheet