Arts Advocacy

Day 2: Arts Advocacy



Students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of arts advocacy through discussion and creating their own arts advocacy piece.


Materials Needed:

Advocacy videos



In our time, churches aren’t really calling for a ban on theatre in general. However, where theatre and the arts in general are being attacked is in the schools. Some of the strongest voices in favor of arts in the schools are students – aka YOU. So today we’re going to talk about how you can advocate for the arts.


Advocacy Videos:

Show the most current arts advocacy videos that you can find on youtube.

  • For November 2015 I used:
    • “Arts Advocacy Day 2014 – Fight for the Arts!” – this one is really cool because it shows actual congressmen and congresswomen giving speeches about the arts – both for and against.
    • “Encourage Creativity – Teach the Arts (facts, figures, action)” – this one gives a lot of facts that help advocate for the arts
      • How do these videos advocate for the arts?
      • There are plenty of smart, influential people out there working on the statistics and the facts side of arts advocacy. What unique perspective can you guys bring to the table? (the perspective of students, their own personal journey with theatre, etc.)



Write me a theatre philosophy OR create a video OR a collage OR anyway you want to present the following information:

  • Why do I do theatre?
  • What parts/aspects of theatre worry me?
  • What parts/aspects of theatre invigorate me?
  • How can/do I advocate for theatre around those who don’t understand it?
    • Anything not finished in class today is homework. Next time we will present them and you will turn them in.