Introduction of the Quest Visual Theatre Project

Lesson 2: Introduction of the Quest Visual Theatre Project


Lesson Objective:

Students will demonstrate their understanding of the visual theatre group project by completing a visual theatre proposal sheet.





  • Visual Theatre proposal sheet
  • Visual Theatre assignment sheet
  • Clip of Quest Visual Theatre’s Alice in Wonderland


Step 1: Warm-Up—Pass the energy ball

Tell the students you have a ball made out of energy and it can take on different forms for each person. Just like they play that pass the snap game, they will pass the energy ball. What it is, anything from a marble to a bouncy ball to a beach ball,  will determine how they catch and throw the ball. They need to show us the size and weight in both matters. This is a silent game.


Step 2: Discussion of energy ball

How did the ball of energy change?

What did you do to show weight/size? When was it most effective?


Step 3: Introduce the Quest Visual Theatre Project—Alice in Wonderland Clip

Tell the students they are doing a project for the Quest Visual Theatre company. They will be creating visual story to add to their current repertoire. Show them the website and the clips of Alice in Wonderland.


What do you notice about this particular production?

How do you think they communicate and appeal to deaf, hard of hearing and hearing audiences?


Step 4: Visual Theatre Assignment Sheet

 Hand out the Visual Theatre assignment sheet. Go over the requirements. Part of the end project is self-evaluation and group evaluation. You will have a performance grade but also a collaboration grade. The grades other people in your group give you will affect what this collaborationsngrade ends up being.


Step 5: Groups and Proposals

Tell students that you’ve put them in collaboration groups because Quest Visual Theatre is a collaborative theatre company. Each person will have to contribute a part to the Quest Visual Theatre proposal. Part of the end project is self-evaluation and group evaluation.


The Quest Visual Theater would like to add new short stories/pieces to their current repertoire (give them the list of suggestions the company “gave” to you). Each group will need to choose one and begin working on it. The proposal sheet is due at the end of class.

Step 5: Closure

Have the students turn in their proposal sheet, tell them you’ll keep the sheets for them for future reference.  Remind them to wear something they can move in next class.


Lesson 2.Quest Visual Theatre Proposal

Lesson2. Visual Theatre Assignment Sheet