Visual Theatre Rehearsal

Lesson 7: Visual Theatre Rehearsal


Lesson Objective:

Students will prepare for their Visual Theatre project presentation by rehearsing the pieces.


Step 1: Warm-Up—Tag Shape

Play a quick round of tag shape (found in lesson 3) to help focus the students and prep them for rehearsal.


Step 2: Review Rehearsal Day Expectations

Tell the students that today will be a rehearsal day. They will need to review their where, their main events and transitions, as well as putting the whole thing together.


Let them know they are expected to stay with their own groups until directed to do otherwise. Remind them of the collaboration grade their group members and myself will be giving each of them.  They will first rehearse just in their own group and then they will pair with another group to rehearse.


Step 4: Separate Group Rehearsal

Circulate the room as they rehearse to give help as needed.


Step 5: Paired Group Rehearsal

Pair the groups up. Tell the students that each group will perform their visual theatre piece for the other group. The group watching will need to look out for the moment of stillness, the moment of everyone moving and the gesture repeated three times as well as if the story makes sense. After the performance, the group that was watching will give feedback. First saying things that went well and then questions about how to improve the piece.


After one group has performed and been given feedback, the other group goes.


If there is time, the individual groups can go over their pieces again for each other or on their own.


Step 6: Closure

Remind the students that next time will be their performance.