Performance Day

Lesson 8: Performance Day


Lesson Objective:

Students will demonstrate their ability to use movement to communicate an idea by participating in a Visual Theatre performance.



  • Open space for performances
  • Performance rubric
  • Collaboration grade sheet


Step 1: Last Minute run through

Allow the students to run through their Visual Theatre piece one more time as a warm up


Step 2: Performances

Remind students of good audience etiquette. Tell them that each group will be graded on the rubric. You can have them perform in whatever order you like, number order might just be the easiest. After each performance, you can guide feedback from other students for the group.


Step 3: Collaboration Grade

After all the performances, congratulate the students on their work. Then have them go back to their desks and hand out the collaboration grade sheet. Each student will fill it out with the names of their group members, a grade they would give them for how they worked in that group and brief explanation of why if they feel it is necessary. Have them turn the sheets in and return to their desks.


Step 4: Closure

Have students pull out a piece of paper to answer the following prompt questions.  Ask:


What is something you know now about Visual Theatre that you didn’t know before?


What do you think are some things you use in Visual Theatre that might be useful in other forms of theatre?


Lesson 8.Visual Theatre Collaboration Grade Sheet

Lesson 8.Visual Theatre Performance Rubric