Group Preview

Lesson: 4

Group Preview


Educational Objective:

Students will demonstrate their understanding of how language and physicality affect their character by performing a short group skit.



Hook: When students enter the classroom have them all partner up with another group and perform their scenes from last class with words for the other group and give each other feedback. Explain that the feedback should be in the form of “I wonder…?” questions such as I wonder what was going on at this moment, I wonder how you could make this moment more dramatic, or they can complement other aspects of the performance. There should not be any putting down of other students or trash talking.


Step 1: Discussion/Practice/Assessment: Bring students back together and ask them what was it like to give others feedback? What were you looking for? Why is it beneficial to get feedback on performances?


Tell students that they now are now going to rotate and perform from at least two more groups and get feedback. As student perform walk around and assess as to whether or not they have prepared their group skit and that they are giving appropriate feedback. Provide guidance and feedback to students when needed.


Step 2: Group Practice: When student have performed for at least three groups explain that you will be giving them the rest of the time to work in their groups to apply their notes and get their performance ready to perform for the class as a preview next period so they can get notes from me before their final.