Lesson: 5



Educational Objective:

Students will demonstrate their understanding of the basic elements of how characterization (including language and physicality) affects creating a storyline by performing a group scene.



Hook: When students enter class give them a few minutes to warm up and get ready with their groups and on the board put numbers 1-however many groups need to perform and instruct students that they can sign up when they are ready.


Step 1: Instruction/Assessment: After students have had a chance to warm up instruct for everyone to come back together and get ready to be a good audience for their peers who will be performing.


Remind students that you will be looking for the basic elements of characterization, knowing who your character is, how they move, how they talk and what is their relationship with the world around them. Instruct that students should be taking written notes and feedback for each performance.


Provide feedback on story structure, characterization and just general notes on enunciation and making sure they don’t have their backs to the audience. Performances will be scored out of 50 points.