Picking a Story

Lesson: 4

Picking a Story


Educational Objective:

Students will demonstrate their understanding of the art of storytelling by choosing and writing their personal story.


Hook: Before students enter the classroom have nine chairs placed in a circle facing out. Instruct that they should turn in their two story arcs to my desk and then instruct the students to sit in the chairs facing out and write on the board for them to sign up for times for performance dates. For those who don’t get a chair, instruct that they are to stand across from someone in the circle.


Step 1: Practice – Instruct that they now have the time to decide which of the two stories they want to tell. They also need to make sure as they chose that they will have two distinct characters in their story as well as themselves as the narrator and that their story is between 4 and 5 minutes long. In the circle, those who are standing are going to rotate around the circle and they can switch between telling the two stories to each new person they rotate to or they can go ahead and pick one and start polishing it. As the instructor take one of the chairs to observe and give students verbal feedback on their stories and their initial knowledge of storytelling, also be in charge of the time and call for the students to rotate to the next person every five minutes.


Step 2: Practice – Give students the rest of the period to write out the “script” of their story, if there isn’t time during class assign it for homework. During this time return papers and talk to students about missing work.


Step 3: Assessment – If there wasn’t time to finish writing their scripts in class then before they leave class remind them that next time they need to have their script written for 30/30 points.