Small Group Previews

Lesson: 6

Small Group Previews


Educational Objective:

Students will demonstrate their understanding of how to analyze storytelling by providing peer feedback.


Hook: Have students set up chairs in a semi-circle and finish up the class character presentations that we worked on last period (if needed). Then instruct them that we are going to take a few minutes to walk around the space as their first character in their story, interacting with the other characters in the space. Then have them switch characters. Sidecoach – for them to really find the movements of their character and also the voice as they interact with other characters.


Step 1: Practice/Assessment – Allow the students to divide up into three groups of six and each person in the group needs to perform their story for their peers. As peers it is their responsibility to write complements and questions down on a piece of paper. Instruct that in questioning they are to write I wonder statements, asking I wonder how this choice could be more bold, etc? Also instruct that one student needs to be in charge of timing each story so they can know how long their story is. At the end of each telling each member of the group can share their most pressing I wonder question and their favorite complement and then it will be the next person’s turn to perform.