Project Model

Lesson 1: Project Model

Learning Objective:

Students will demonstrate their understanding of the project that is expected of them by completing 3-2-1 partner response.



Arthur Miller Video, Project Instructions, Project Rubric, Arthur Miller Powerpoint

(document supplements can be found on unit page attachment)


Materials Needed:

Copies for Students of Project Instructions and Project Rubric. For Project Instruction the assigned Playwright needs to be written/typed in.



Celebrating Arthur Miller at 100


Step 1: Ask the students what they saw? What they felt? Is Arthur Miller the Greatest American Playwright? Should others be considered? Explain to them that we are going to find out. That we through a research project are going to decide who the great American playwright is.


Step 2: Tell the students that you will be modeling the project they will be expected to present. Pull up the Arthur Miller Presentation and present as you want the students to. You should not be reading off the slide and should be able to be understood. Notes on the bullet points are included on the PowerPoint for each slide which should be said as you are presenting.


Step 3: Once the presentation has finished pass out the materials that they will need to have for the project. Explain to them that they will have some time to work in class but a lot of the work will be done at home and classwork will be helping them focus their research and thoughts.


Step 4: Have a student read-a-loud the Project Instructions. Ask the class to explain the instructions in their own words. Go over the due dates of assignments that are due throughout the unit leading up to the presentation. And then make sure to iterate the final due date for the project. Tell students that they can volunteer to go first but the lesson before presentations happen they will be assigned a random order that they will give their presentations.


Step 5: Students with do a 3-2-1 Partner response; Students will share 3 things they learned, 2 things they feel unsure about, and 1 question.


 Conclusion: Come back for a group discussion to answer any questions that didn’t get answered.