Guided Research on Playwrights

Lesson 2: Guided Research on Playwrights


Learning Objective:

Students will demonstrate their ability to research by filling out guided research worksheets.



Guided Research Worksheet


Materials Needed:

Library/Computer Lab and copies of the Guided Research Worksheet-One for each student.


Hook – Have students walk in and ask them to answer the questions on the board on a separate piece of paper. “What is your playwright’s last name? What was their most famous work? Were the ever considered a failure? What were their kid’s name?” Students should not need a lot of time because they shouldn’t know the answers, the point is not to shame them to feel bad for not answering the questions but make them realize that they are going to need to research. Ask students if they were able to answer these questions off the top of their head. Why or why not? How can we find out these answers?


Step 1: Ask students what makes a bad research presentation. What techniques have they used to find reliable sources? How can you know that a source is reliable? Why are reliable sources important? Make sure that students understand that they can find reliable sources from scholarly journals and higher academic books and websites. But they can also cross reference sources to make sure they have correct information.


Step 2: Ask students what is plagiarism. Why can’t we pass other’s work as our own? What happens when we plagiarize? How can we prevent plagiarizing? Make sure students understand that plagiarizing will earn them a zero on the project and trip to the principal’s office. 


Step 3: Explain to students that we will be going into the Library to do research. Remind them to take what we have talked about into account because they will be filling out a worksheet about their assigned Playwrights and getting points today on whether or not they filled it out.


Step 4: Go in the library and have students and pass out research worksheet. 


Step 5: Have students once they complete the worksheet raise their hand so that you can go and check so that they can receive points for the day.


Step 6: If students are done they can have the choice to start working on their presentation or they may get in small groups and discuss what they have found.


Conclusion: Ask students if they would be able to answer the questions from the beginning of the class now that they have had time to research. Ask students if they need to research more? Tell Students will take worksheets home to help with the project and that they may need to research more in depth in order to find the information they need.