Presentation Day 1

Lesson 5: Presentation Day 1


Learning Objective:

Students will demonstrate their understanding of their peer’s presentations by taking notes.



Pick beforehand a student to have an “announcement” for the class. While student is giving the announcement have a couple students that were picked beforehand be very rude and loud while the one student is giving their announcement.


Step 1: Ask the student with the fake announcement who they felt when others were being distracting while they were trying to talk. Remind students that it is nerve-wracking to present in front of other people and by being a bad audience it makes it worse. Ask students what a good audience looks like. Have them model this behavior.


Step 2: Before having students present, remind students that they will be tested on this material and that they should be taking notes. Have students present one at a time. Students will be required to hand back the rubric before they are able to present. Students should also ask the class their three questions at the end of their presentation and call on students to answer them.


Step 3: Half way through the presentations for the day have students get up and pair up with someone and answer the question based on the presentations so far “If I could have one of the playwrights over for dinner, who would it be or why? Or who I wouldn’t want to come over”.


Step 4: Have students go back to their seats. Remind them again about being a good audience and resume presentations. 


Conclusion: Ask the students now that we’ve talked about some of these great playwrights why does that matter? Who cares? How does this help us in class? In acting? Design? Does knowing more about the Playwright and play help us?