Presentation Day 2

Lesson 6: Presentation Day 2


Learning Objective:

Students will demonstrate their understanding of their peer’s presentations by taking notes.



Ask a couple to students to share their response to last lesson’s question about what playwright they would like to have over for dinner.


Step 1: Remind students what a good audience looks like and that they should be listening and filling out their study guide in preparation for the unit test.


Step 2:. Have students present one at a time. Students will be required to hand back the rubric before they are able to present. Students should also ask the class their three questions at the end of their presentation and call on students to answer them.


Step 3: Half way through the presentations for the day have students write down a Twitter Post as one of the playwrights and get up and share with someone.


Step 4: Have students go back to their seats. Remind them again about being a good audience and resume presentations. 


Conclusion: Carry on from yesterday’s discussion if there are any remaining questions or insights. Ask them what makes a playwright great? Who should be considered the Great American Playwright? Can there only be one? Why does it matter to have this title?