Shakespeare Showcase

Shakespeare Showcase (Lesson #7)

Final Performances


Lesson Objective:

Students will demonstrate…

  • Expanded thinking about the impact of Shakespeare’s works and performance practices of the past and present
  • The development of analytical and performance tools to help effectively understand and perform Shakespeare
  • The process of creating a unified, polished piece

By creating and performing a monologue or scene for a Shakespeare performance showcase


Lesson 7.Final Performance Rubric Guide


Warm Ups

  • Lead class in vocal and physical warm ups
  • Give 5 or so minutes for each to collect their thoughts, do final personal preparation
  • Break A Leg!


Final Performances

  • Have a set order for the performances
  • Each student performs
    • Use final performance rubric for grading, take into account student’s synthesis of notes from preview, progress throughout unit


Following the performances, have a final talk back session


Ask students to take 10 minutes to write a short reflection (1 paragraph) about the things they learned or discovered during this process.