LESSON 6-Rehearsal


Educational Objective: Students will rehearse scenes while focusing on their stage pictures, vocal and physical traits, and spending time on memorization.


Supplies Needed:

  • 4-5 papers or posters to write the name of each station on


Hook: Have a student lead the class in a warm up; an energy circle or some other activity that will force them to use their bodies and the voices.


Step 1: Explain that today is largely a rehearsal day to help them practice each layer of their performance so that they can master their scenes.  Divide the room into four or five various areas.  Each area is assigned one of the following elements:

  • Objectives and Tactics
  • Staging (all staging choices including how they get from one stage picture to the other)
  • Characterization in voice
  • Characterization in body
  • Relationship between characters


The scene groups will rotate through the various stations.  At each station they will rehearse their scene and focus mainly on the element assigned to that station.  The first 2 minutes at each station, they should be creating a goal for themselves that has to do with that element.  Then they will have roughly 10 minutes to work on that goal.


Step 2: Project the rubric for the preview and the performance days on the wall so that they can see what is expected for the following days.  Have them write down a goal for something to work on before the next time.


Step 4: Homework Remind them that they must also bring their completed Facebook profile page for their characters next time to pass off as part of their preview.


Step 3: They’ve been working really hard today.  If there is time, have them take a work break and play the Woosh-Zap game until the end of class.