LESSON 7-Preview


Educational Objective: Students will demonstrate their ability to receive and give helpful feedback to other scene partnerships by previewing their scenes for peers.


Supplied Needed:


Hook: Gather everyone into a circle and have them pick just one of their lines and one of their tactics from their scene.


Step 1: Warm-up two.  To get the energy going and to keep them aware of their body, do the warm up “I Feel So Good”.  Lead the students in this first.  Start out shaking or moving their bodies as much and as big as possible while yelling “Ooo, I feel so good. Ya, like I knew I would. Oh, I feel so good!”  The Leader slowly makes their motions and voice smaller as the rest of the group follows.  At the end you should all be whispering the line and laying on the floor only moving your finger.

            When the line is almost imperceptible, jump up move around like you did in the beginning while yelling the line one last time.


Step 3: Review  Review the criteria for the preview grades as you pass out the grade sheets they will use to sign each other off.  Each group should observe 2-5 other groups. Each person gets their own group preview sheet –see Supplements

  • Must have 3 tactics and 1 clear objective
  • Must use proper staging practices and 3 clear stage pictures.
  • Must have Facebook Profile for characters completed.
  • Must show an understanding of physical traits and vocal variety


Step 4: Rehearsal. Designate a practice area for each scene partnership. Give them ten minutes to rehearse.


Step 5:  Previews  Then divide them into groups (2 scene groups each) and give them 5 minutes to perform and grade each other, then rotate.  In the end they should have previewed for and critiqued at least two other groups.  NOTE: the preview rubric has space for 5 just in case.


Step 6: Assessment and Discussion  Have the class sit in their seats after performing.  Ask them the following.  “Was there a performance that you saw that was really good at using 3 clear tactics?  Which one?  Why did it work so well?”  Ask similar questions regarding the other criteria.  We are trying to see if they can articulate what they liked, what worked, and if they participated.


Step 7: Assessment and Discussion  Ask one person from each group to tell the class one of the things they had been told to work on.  Ask all the performers to set a goal for what they will improve on before their actual performance.  Write the goal down in their notebooks so they can look at it later.