Continue The Manaechmi

Day 4: Continue The Manaechmi


Objective: Students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of the play The Manaechmi by holding up the correct signs at the correct moments while reading the play as well as discussing the plot.


Materials Needed: Scripts, signs from last time


Hook: “Veggietales Schoolhouse Polka” video. Ask the students what homophones they didn’t think of before this video


Discussion: Why do we care about literary devices in a theatre class? What are they adding to the play that we would miss if we didn’t understand them? Why do playwrights often use literary devices such as metaphors and puns?


Continue reading the play, holding up signs, and groaning at puns. Stop after each scene and ask the students: What just happened?  To assess their understanding.


Wrap-up: 5 minutes before the bell rings, stop the reading and ask the students what they know about Roman society now that they are some ways into the play.