Day 7: Practice


Objective: Students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of Roman society and PSA structure by creating a PSA for the Romans in groups.


Materials Needed: 30 Rock Homonyms clip


Hook: Watch 30 Rock Homonyms clip

  • Here is an example of this kind of literary humor still being used today
    • What’s a homonym?
      • 2 words that sound the same AND are spelled the same
    • Were these all actually homonyms??
      • NO they were homophones!


Rehearsal: Give the students the rest of the class period to work on their PSAs. Walk around and offer help and guide them back on task if necessary.


Wrap-Up: 5 minutes before the bell rings, bring them all back together and ask how it is going – do they have any questions? Is there anything they need from me next time?

  • Remember we are performing these next class period!
  • If you are filming, be sure to bring your film in a playable format
    • On a DVD
    • On a flashdrive
    • Email or google share it with me