Final Assessment - PSA

Day 8: Final Assessment – PSA


Objective: Students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of Roman society, The Manaechmi, and PSA structure by performing in a PSA they wrote in groups using the dialogue in The Manaechmi and their own words as well.


Materials Needed: A computer that can hook up to the projector, any files emailed or shared with the teacher, Day 8.Roman PSA Rubric


Hook: You’re performing today! Do you think you can be ready with 15 minutes of rehearsal time?


Preparation: Give the students 15 minutes to prepare by rehearsing or making sure their technology is working.


Performance: After 15 minutes are up, bring the class back together

  • Ask for volunteer to go first
  • Have each group perform and grade them based on the rubric, being sure to write comments at the bottom for each student
  • After each group has performed, move on to discussion


Discussion: What did you see?

  • What problems in Roman society were exposed and addressed?
  • What was this whole experience like?
  • Would you make a PSA again? Was it an effective mode of communication?



  • Now get out a piece of paper for a pop quiz!
    • Group them in 3s based on where they are sitting
    • These are your groups for the quiz
      • Write down as many Portmanteau as you can come up with
      • Then as many homophones as you can come up with
      • Then as many words pertaining to Roman theatre as you can come up with
      • Then list all of the stock characters you can remember
    • Give them 20 minutes to do so
  • When 20 minutes is up, call for pencils down. Have one group read out their portmanteau and tell the class this is Scattergories style – if you have that word, say that you have it and both groups have to cross it out. Have each group tell their portmanteau.
  • Repeat with homophones.
  • Repeat with Roman theatre words
    • Have the students turn their quizzes in
      • Grade them out of 12 points – 3 points per category
      • If they found at least 5 per category, they receive full credit
      • 3 or more is 2 points
      • 2 or more is 1 point