Dramatic Readings

Lesson 6: Dramatic Readings


Lesson Objective: Students will be able to discern what works and does not work in a dramatic piece by reading and evaluating their own scripts and those of their peers during dramatic readings.



TH:Re8.1.8c – Apply personal aesthetics, preferences, and beliefs to evaluate a drama/theatre work.


Materials Needed:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VUV2Yl8gsI from 2:30 to the end.

Mindy Kaling’s “Why Not Me?” Excerpt  Lesson 6.Why Not Me Excerpt



Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VUV2Yl8gsI from 2:30 to the end.


Why did I have you write scripts? What’s the point?

Remember that you have a voice and what you have to say is powerful and important. Be respectful of everyone’s individual voice as we read scripts today.  If you’re not proud of what you turned in today, revise it. Change it. Turn it in again and show me what you really have to say.


Step 1:

Have students sit in a circle. We will only get through about 5 scripts today. Please, if you are excited to share your script, be patient, and know that we will be working with your scripts in the future so hold on to them when I pass them back.


Step 2:

Briefly explain that we are doing a dramatic reading. Writers may assign characters to read parts and readers can use emotion and vocal variation. But they do not need to act out elaborate scenes or get up. Writers should also assign someone to read stage directions if they are important or lengthy.


Step 3:

After all the dramatic readings, have students reflect on at least two scripts they heard today. Have them write about what they liked and what they did not like and WHY. What about their beliefs or personal preferences have they learned?


Step 4:

Have students gather in a semi-circle around you. Ask them to turn to a peer and take 30 seconds to talk about what they think it means to be confident. Have a few students share by raise of hand.


Step 5:

Read the excerpt from Why Not Me on Confidence.


Step 6:

What does Mindy Kaling say confidence is? How do we develop it? (Through hard work. We EARN what we receive, we believe we have done our best work, etc.)


Remind students that as we continue into the next unit in which they will be directing, rehearsing, and performing the scripts they have written, that revisions are REQUIRED and due one week from the day they receive feedback on their rough draft.


Why do you think I am requiring you to make revisions? How does this assignment relate to what we just read?


Finish class by saying something like this to students:


Everything we do in this class is for a purpose. I have asked you to write these scripts because you have a voice. I have asked you to revise your scripts because I want you to learn how to develop true and lasting confidence by working hard and creating and turning in things that you are proud of. I don’t want to just give you a trophy (or an A) for wearing cool clothes or turning in sloppy work. I want you to win trophies because what you have done is truly great, and because I see you making progress as creators.