Preparation and Rehearsal

LESSON 7-Preparation and Rehearsal


Educational Objective: Students will rehearse their puppet shows with their puppets and voices that they have designed.



  • Recording of “Let it Go” from Frozen
  • The students’ puppets and scripts


Hook: Have all the students get their puppets on their hands.  Explain that they are going to do a vocal warm up before they preview.  Have them sit in a circle with their puppets and ask them to sing along to the song you will play. NOTE: you could have them vote on a Disney song, but one of them we used was “Let it Go” from Frozen.


Step: Sing the song together.  NOTE: if you’d rather, you can use the longue twisters that they created earlier to warm up their voices.


Step: Give them about 10 minutes to practice in their groups.


Step: Once they have finished this, have them team up with another cast and take turns performing for each other.  Each cast should give feedback to the one that we watch.  This feedback should include diction and projection.


Step: If there is still more time, have them rotate around the room.  Each cast should be able to perform at least twice each


Step: The last few minutes of class, have each cast nominate someone in the last puppet show they witnessed for Best Voice.  Have those nominees stand and introduce their puppet and their voice.