Performance Day

Performance Day

Lesson 8: Performance Day


Objective: Students will demonstrate an ability to respond to a work of art and understanding of the facets of movement by performing their 3-5 minute group scenes.



TH:Pr6.1.8a. Perform a released drama/theatre work for an audience.



Play a quick game of charades to warm students up.


Step 1: Have students perform their final movement pieces.  Use the rubric for evaluating the performances.


Step 2: Have students jot notes as they watch the other performances – what was their favorite moment and why?  Share the observations/thoughts/notes together as a class when everyone is done performing.


Step 3:  Have students write a few thoughts answering these prompts:

  • How can using your imagination would be helpful in theatre performances?
  • Where else can using your imagination be helpful in life?
  • How can you better use your imagination to create movement and storytelling?
  • What was your favorite part of creating this response to the art work?