Presenting Like A Pro!

Lesson 5: Presenting Like A Pro!


Lesson Objective: Students will be able to verbalize and justify their design concept & choices by presenting their production viz & research PowerPoints in a mock designer presentation.


Materials Needed:

AV Hook ups

Research Presentation Rubric Sheets (one for each student)


Presentation Protocol:

One student will present at a time. Students should give a quick description of the play, show & explain their Viz and the rest of their presentation. Remind students about professionalism (should be present both in self/presentation & in respect for others)


During presentations, class members should list 1-2 observations (or questions) that they have about each presentation.


After each presentation, students will have 2 minutes to ask questions/discuss the viz or any of the research. Point out good things students are doing in their presentations. Ask questions as well to help presenters expand their ideas if needed.



Students will be given points for their participation (if they have written, asked questions). Question/response papers will be turned in.


Students will be graded on their presentations using the Research Presentation Rubric.


NOTE: These will likely take multiple class periods to get through.