Final Set Design

Lesson 7: Final Set Design


Lesson Objective: Students will present their final set design for the class by showing/explaining their set design models.


Materials Needed:

2 Large tables (have them set up in the front of the room)

Set Model Presentation Point Breakdown sheets  7.Final Presentation Evalution Breakdown


Presentation Day:

At the start of class, have students set up their 3-D models on the table.


Give students 2-3 minutes to walk around and look at the different types of models that were created.


Have students take a seat and begin the formal presentations. Each student will take a turn (3-5ish mins) formally presenting their model to the class.


Students’ presentations will be graded using the set model/presentation breakdown as they present.


Self Assessment:

After all models have been presented, put on some instrumental music. Have students take out a pen/pencil and paper and spend some time answering the following questions:

  • What were some exciting design choices you saw in others’ work?
  • How did you see designers applying their viz/research in their design choices?
  • What were some new discoveries you made about your show through the design process?
  • What do you feel you did well with throughout the unit? (Be specific)
  • What do you feel you could improve on? (Be specific)



Go through the questions and have students share some of their answers that they gave to the questions they reflected on.  Share some of your insights, things you’ve learned/been impressed with in their work throughout the unit.


Wrap up:

Have students turn in their self assessments at the end of class. They will be given points for these.