Rehearsal for Final

Lesson 8: Rehearsal for Final


Objective: Students will be able to apply their understanding of an acting method of their choice by rehearsing and previewing their scenes.



TH:Cr3.1.II.b. Use research and script analysis to revise physical, vocal, and physiological choices impacting the believability and relevance of a drama/ theatre work

TH:Pr5.1.II.a. Refine a range of acting skills to build a believable and sustainable drama/theatre performance.

TH: Re7.1.II.a. Demonstrate an understanding of multiple interpretations of artistic criteria and how each might be used to influence future artistic choices of a drama/theatre work.

TH:Cn11.2.II.a. Formulate creative choices for a devised or scripted drama/theatre work based on theatre research about the selected topic.


Materials: None.


Preparation: None.


Starter: Write on the board, “What are the acting techniques I need to incorporate into my scene?”


Today will be a rehearsal day. Hopefully some of you came memorized. If you didn’t, there’s still a little bit of time. You’ll have half a class period rehearsing next class period, but we will begin performances next class period.


When you feel ready, you need to preview your scene with me. I’ll give you specific feedback on things to work on.


Activity 1: Rehearsal!

Float around the room, helping keep students on task, answering questions, and gaging progress.


Conclusion: Remember, next time we will start performances, so if you weren’t fully memorized today, make sure you are next time! You’ll also have a little time to work on your scenes more.


Assessment Scoring: Students will receive 20 participation points for the day. They will get another 5 points for the starter.


Adaptation: Students who may need extended time to rehearse may come in during the MAP period, or finish next class. This may require they have a shorter scene than other people.