Day 6: Drafting a Radio Broadcast Script, Groupwork

Lesson Title:  Drafting a Radio Broadcast Script, Groupwork


Daily Objective:

Students will demonstrate the importance of the various vocal tech-niques by working in groups to brainstorm and draft their radio broadcast scripts, work-ing to incorporate each of the vocal techniques.


Teaching Presentation:



Have the journal prompt written on the board when students arrive.
Journal Entry: What do you remember about the radio broadcast examples from last time that you can incorporate into your own broadcasts? What are some ideas you have?



Explain that students will now take 5 minutes to silently, on their own, brainstorm on a sheet a paper ideas that they could use in their radio broadcast. They could brainstorm character ideas, story ideas, voices, or anything else they could use in their broad-casts.They don’t have to be fully thought out and developed ideas, just different things to bring to the table that they can discuss and possibly play with in their groups.
After 5 minutes of individual brainstorming have the students get back into their groups, and share their ideas with one another. They can have about 10 minutes to share ideas and discuss them in greater detail.



Explain that they will have time to work today on their scripts. Be sure to explain that they only have today, and next class period to finish their scripts. By the end of the class period, they will need to turn in an outline for their script.
Once they have finished and turned in the outline, have them work together to create and write the script. Explain that it doesn’t need to be anything fancy or formal, just make it clear who is saying what.


Explain that students need to record the broadcasts on their phones, either on the free iPhone app (that comes with the phone) or the free Hi-Q Mp3 Rec app for Android. They will need to email their recordings to me to receive a grade.
If students don’t have someone with a smart phone in their group, they may borrow mine.



Students will be assessed on their completion of the broadcast brainstorm, completing a radio broadcast outline, and on working as a group to create the script for their record-ing.